Transformed Education: The Key of Connection

Transformed Education: The Key of Connection

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Transformed Education: The Key of Connection

This website cultivates community within those who hear and respond to the call to Transform Education. Actively moving it from dry models of transmitting information, this community embraces the potentially dynamic power within the Educational realm to shape both minds and hearts, empowering active agents of meaningful change.  If you have found your way to this page, perhaps it is because you also feel the call towards becoming a Global Change Agent.  On these pages you are invited to contribute articles, share experiences, receive free perks and participate in forums of discussion to share that which is working to create Transformed Education.

Mission statement – Empowering all stake holders in the educational process to step beyond the concept of transmitting information from the teacher to student.  In its place, valuing that which the student is already bringing to the picture, working from questions rather than answers, cultivate creativity and develop presentation skills for effective sharing, connect to our soulful selves—heart, mind, body and spirit to prepare pathways of purpose throughout life.

Collaboration as Key

The Vision: 

A hopeful tomorrow: Energized, Creative Individuals of all ages and races cultivating their unique set of talents and perspective, empowered to share in the context of community to resolve pressing issues of today. Inspired educators elevating students/ Inspired students elevating educators.



You and Me

For Humanity

Who I am

Loving Mother, Inspired Educator,  Concerned Global Citizen

Weaving Mind/Body/Emotions and Inner Spirit personally and professionally. 

Life Long Learner and Life-Long Educator. I have over 20 years of teaching experience integrating mind/body/spirit within education. Member of  ASCD: Professional Learning & Community for Educators, The Montessori Foundation.  Budding entrepreneur, this website offers a place to develop my technological skill while reaching out to connect with those of like mind.    I am fortunate to work at schools that are models of Educational Transformation, like Modern Academy Cancun and San Tan Charter as a Montessori teacher.   I am empowered with new ideas and uplifting community.  Each year, I continue my research, attend cutting edge webinars and conferences to understand teaching trends and assure my capacity to offer relevance to my community. 


Social Emotional Learning, Personalized Curriculum, Teacher Prep, Career Technical Training, Relationships –Consider the important perspective shared with us by Julia Freeland Fisher.

Learn more about the global transformational ideas shaping education today:

  • Unpacking strategies towards understanding Social/Emotional learning.
  • Coherent personalized curriculum and the Modularity Theory
  • New Models of Teacher Preparation
  • A look at Career Technical Education
  • Putting relationships in the center.

Videos with Important Messages
A call for change
The Leading Thinkers on the forefront of this movement are calling for us to consider what becomes possible from the digital revolution. Built upon the understanding that the old models of education are obsolete, they invite reflection on our unique human capacities:
Critical Thinking
A request to the educational sector to rethink the educational systems, asking what the education should look like in this hyper connected world.
Check out this video now!
Tom Chi, speaking for Mind Valley’s A-Fest offers a powerful presence envisioning the science of a connected world. Mind Valley invites us to be life-long learners and honor our interconnection with one another… “believing from a spiritual or religious perspective is no longer necessary. It’s been proven by modern day science: all of us are connected, and none of us is dispensable.  …we don’t need mysticism or faith anymore to envision a unified world.” Vishen Lakhiani
Visions towards the Future
Understanding that the speed of technology is becoming a complete game changer.
The presence of Artificial Intelligence is a new point of reality that must be considered. Computers are developing languages with each other that even the developers are not able to figure out.
How do we wrestle with this impending presence?
We can see that preparing students for digital technology is essential.
But it is more than just learning about the most recent popular learning app, or coding.
There is a deeper calling.
Befriending our inherent sacred nature, from the scientific perspective, is a starting place!
This view values each one of us as carriers of unique gifts that make up the amazing tapestry of humanity as it is uniquely expressed upon our particular planet earth. Tapping into the cosmic vision is what is called for, while still cultivating the unique gifts within each individual