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Dearest Friends of the Shift,

We hope that you all are staying as safe and as sane as possible through these difficult times. 

This pandemic has inevitably created extreme challenges for so many people… 

Reflections Upon the Global Pandemic

By Sharron Rose

Our world, our future, all that we have known is being altered right now, all around us. Everything that we are, the essential nature of society…

This Shall pass Through

By Titus John

This is the first time in many years, people are getting used to lockdowns, getting quarantined. The Novel Corona virus has infected about millions of people across the world. It’s reported that….

Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Ours

My Motive for the Web of Light

Blog by Jill Dianne

Feel the power of regeneration and unification in this vision of Leo Tanguma’s children of the world. Through the conscious choice to value Life, Light and Love, they actively seed new life in unity and joy.

My direct experience of this artwork planted the seeds to support a conscious network of Light. This website signifies that action.

We are at a Critical Juncture

When traveling through the Denver Airport in 2010, I was compelled to take these photos of four large walls murals filled to the edges with vivid color and clear message by Leo Tanguma. Two were of the “bad news.” Two were of the “good news.” Both sets point to the clear and present choice of our collective action. 


Being in my Cocoon, a time for Learning with Dr. Joe Dispenza

By Jill D. Bittinger

Does the way you think affect your life?

Can you consciously create your future?

Dr. Joe Dispenza tells me that my thoughts create my destiny.  If I really understood this, would I ever let a thought slip by that I didn’t want to experience?

Considering the Common Good

By Julie Amriti Duffy

A couple of years ago

I was in a mid-wake state rising from the Dreamtime.

In my visual screen in my mind I saw a literal sign and heard a voice that said-

“Now a word from the Commons…

Corona Virus/ Covid19 Updates

By Jill D. Bittinger

Covid 19, Coronavirus, Humanity’s Uniter 

What shall we call it?

A wake up call at heart.

To the fragile quality of our Humanity

And, the triumphant Spirit as well.

At times, we are challenged

A view from a Costa Rican Farmer

By Ed A Human

“Covid19, coronavirus, health  threat, public health emergency, pandemic, plague…”

These are the words that were used to describe this time in which we are living. 

We , billions of us, live in quarantine just now. Here, in Costa Rica we will….