Heaven or Hell? The choice is ours

Heaven or Hell? The Choice is Ours

My Motive for the Web of Light

Blog by Jill Dianne

Feel the power of regeneration and unification in this vision of Leo Tanguma’s children of the world. Through the conscious choice to value Life, Light and Love, they actively seed new life in unity and joy.

My direct experience of this artwork planted the seeds to support a conscious network of Light. This website signifies that action.

We are at a Critical Juncture

When traveling through the Denver Airport in 2010, I was compelled to take these photos of four large walls murals filled to the edges with vivid color and clear message by Leo Tanguma. Two were of the “bad news.” Two were of the “good news.” Both sets point to the clear and present choice of our collective action.

Death or Life?

In these panels, you can see the dove of peace dying at the end of the blade of a darkened soldier, faceless behind his gas mask. The endless line of refugees, children sleeping on bricks, tormented parents with dead children in their arms reveal the horrors of what is possible. 

On the companion panel to this scene was the vision of the polar opposite. Joyful children’s faces collectively bring swords, wrapped in the flags of the nations, and cooperatively beat them into plowshares.
The doves of peace happily watch by the side in this scene of great joy.

What consciousness do we hold?

In this artwork, the dichotomy of a fundamental choice is clearly present. This time through our relationship to nature, we are confronted with nothing less than the choice between Life and Death.

In one panel, we clearly see vital, dynamic health in harmony with human beings as the stewards of this planet. In the other panel, we see the destruction, fire, poison and death that are its polar opposite. Though difficult to capture the immensity of the message that came through the two huge sharply contrasting views, one can imagine into it. Here I do not choose to focus on the disturbing vision of death and destruction.

The essence of the second artwork is beautiful to behold: vibrancy of life, joyful faces, radiant health of nature and animals. At its center—the shaman child and community facilitate the growth of the Rainbow plant representing a new era.

Problems cannot be solved with the same consciousness that created them.

For our hopeful tomorrow, let us truly love our Sacred Mother Earth, our Father Sky, and all the holy life that comes of their union. This is the consciousness that must prevail to empower the hopeful visions. Can we believe humanity can find harmony with one another and the Earth itself?  It is an inside job first.  Let’s empower our awakening!

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