Heal the Past/ Vision the Future

Heal the Past/ Vision the Future

1. Dealing with Abuse: What else is possible?
What if abuse didn’t have to be personal? What if you were just a convenient target?
A quick link to Consciousness expanding programs on Abuse. When you are ready to heal and change the past, you open your future to a whole new possibility.


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2. Changing the Issues of Abuse have Dominated Your Life
Description: Welcome to Changing the Issues of Abuse that have Dominated Your Life!
This is a class that will talk about abuse in all its forms, allowing you to change where you’ve been abused.



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3. 7 Steps to Flawless Communication: Welcome to 7Steps to Flawless

Communication! How to establish true connection with yourself and everyone and everything around you.



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Kass Thomas is an author, radio personality, speaker, and Facilitator. She travels the world training groups and individuals in the areas of communication, relationships, body language, business, and money.

What exactly does she do? She asks a lot of questions. Here are a few:
What magic can I be and receive today with everyone and everything around me?
What else is possible here that I have not yet even imagined?

What can I look at differently here?

What question can I ask that would increase my awareness?

Kass has written this little guidebook to help you uncover your true communicative nature.

That there is so much more that connects us than that separates us is something I’ve somehow always known. The fact that there is very little manifested in this reality to encourage that has never dissuaded me.
— Kass Thomas

Visions for the Future

4. Conscious Leaders: For Futures That Are Sustainable 
What if there is a totally different way that you can be in the world?
If you know there must be a different way to be a leader, and you are seeking new possibilities, this book is the start of what is possible.

It’s about being outside the box.
Are you willing to be as different as you are in the world?
What if this is the ‘strategic advantage’ you are seeking?
What else would be possible if you would expand your capacity to be a conscious leader in your own life, in business and in the world?

Being a leader is not the same as acting as one and calling yourself a leader is not the same as being one. When you choose to become a conscious leader, you will move beyond the boundaries and limitations of ‘normal’ leadership practice.


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5. Fairy Tale Family : Embracing the Possibilities beyond your past

Description: Embracing the Possibilities Beyond Your Past You are not your family. You are you! Whose life are you living? Is now the time for you to get  clear on what you desire and the ease of creating it? Is now the time to go beyond what is familiar to you and create a life that works for you? If you did not control your family or were not controlled by your family, what would become
possible for you?

Don’t try to change your family. Don’t try to change yourself for your family. Be you and have fun. That is how you inspire
them to change—but only if they choose it. Don’t expect them to be interested in you or listen to you. Just because you are your parents’ child does not mean they should listen to you.
Susanna Mittermaier


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Strategies to attune to the Wisdom of the Body:    Find out here

Access Consciousness empowers people to help themselves. It is available to everyone, can be included in your everyday life, and can be applied without outside help.

The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness focus on your knowledge about yourself and the world around you. It is essential in Access that nobody except you personally can know what truly works for you.

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