This Shall pass Through

This Shall pass Through

By Titus John

This is the first time in many years, people are getting used to lockdowns, getting quarantined. The Novel Corona virus has infected about millions of people across the world. It’s reported that coronavirus came from a city in China called Wuhan. The coronavirus got spread to many other countries.

As lot of people travel to different  part of the countries everyday for different purpose. This made the virus outbreak in many other countries  like Italy UK United States of America and many more. We witnessed how some countries struggle for containing it. We also have been seeing number of deatg everyday.

During this time the best way to stay safe is to stay home and staying clean. Also its an important thing to spread positive vibes through out the world. Its obvious that’s it’s the first time many of the people are in such a pandemic condition. During this time rather than freaking out about this.

We could see how people become a role of inspiration during the lockdown. Lot of people out there in the social media influences a lor of people on how they could spend time during the lock down.

People find a lot of lobs they can do from home, digital marketing is making its  mark. Even education system is becoming online sessions. Just like every other calamity that came through. Lets hope this shall Pass through too.