Corona Virus/ Covid19 Updates

Corona Virus/ Covid19 Updates

By Jill Dianne

Focus Within


Covid 19, Coronavirus, Humanity’s Uniter 

What shall we call it?


A wake up call at heart.

To the fragile quality of our Humanity

And, the triumphant Spirit as well.

At times, we are challenged

To a level never thought possible.  To feel that breaking point. That crazy-making point, the “Can I HANDLE this?!!!” point.  We all know it. And more of us are coming to know it on a new level in a new way. What will bring us through? 


To Focus Within


They are but few words, with intent unbound.

The paradox of the degree of power within such a small space.

“Within”? Where?!!  That IS a an important question!


We will share more on this next week, through my blogs, as we journey together.


In the meantime, explore these pages and the abundant offerings shared. Clean, Uplift, Expand Body/Mind/Emotions/Spirit!


Welcome to Treasures Untold.


Your hostess,

Jill Dianne