Considering the Collective Good

Considering the Collective Good

By Julie Amriti Duffy

A couple of years ago

I was in a mid-wake state rising from the Dreamtime.

In my visual screen in my mind I saw a literal sign and heard a voice that said-

“Now a word from the Commons…

That which you seek shall be returned to you.”

( Eli, the astute and somewhat cutting teen pointed out that this statement had as much potential meaning as a fortune cookie- but nonetheless it engaged and engages my consciousness )

For the past two years I have occasionally mulled and sought meaning from this tidbit from my half awake mind.

Especially lately- I have been deconstructing and investigating that message as we are living in a time that clearly represents The Tragedy of the Commons (The tragedy of the commons is a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users, acting independently according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the common good of all users by depleting or spoiling the shared resource through their collective action. — for example someone who does not social distance puts us all at risk).

I have been investigating the Economic Collapse that is inevitable in a many week or many month shut-down and and wondering about the greater evolutionary implications of this meltdown.

Now more than ever the construct of money and aggrandized centralized wealth is being dismantled or certainly challenged.

In this moment in history we have a profound opportunity to shift toward perpetual tragedy and a continued money suck by the few or we can collectively open our minds’ eyes and deconstruct the collective agreements we have entered into by creating loan and debt based economies.

But we must agree first of all that money printed by a federal reserve and then fractionally loaned and banked is a social construct that can be changed.

—. So today my musings are………

The word from the Commons is that doing what is good for the whole system is imperative for our species to cooperatively thrive.

And that the collective health and wealth that we seek by devotion, intention and action can be returned to us.

We can regain a sense of community and collective health and wealth.

Seeking involves asking. We must ask – What do we as a community need to thrive? In the moment it is to keep ourselves in social distance to protect the herd. But in the long run – as our businesses falter and our economies crash , what do we need to seek in order to thrive?

What questions do we need to ask? What actions do we need to agree upon taking?