Being in my Cocoon, a time for Learning with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Being in my Cocoon, a time for Learning with Dr. Joe Dispenza

By Jill D. Bittinger

Reflecting upon this video and its message

Using the Power of your Mind to Change your Life

In my cocoon: A Time for Learning

Dare I admit the enjoyment of my home time? Fear and dread, yes the news is there. But how often do we really get the opportunity to think deeply? To meditate? To cocoon?

Here in my cocoon, I feel the imaginal cells of the butterfly stirring.

Relationship and work issues were already bringing me to an all time low. Then, having hit the bottom of the emotional well as the covid 19 started to take hold, I found the solitude both agonizing and a welcome respite to the hustle and bustle of life as usual.  Because I was emotionally raw, something cracked that let a new light in.

The Light of consciousness

That light was Dr. Joe Dispenza’s crystal clarity. He asks, “Does the way you think affect your life?”  Yes! your thoughts create your destiny!  He illuminated for me: same thoughts/ same feelings/ same behaviors will create the same life.  So, my life will always be equal to the thoughts running the show: How I think=How I act= How I feel. 

I reflected on the recent replay of agonizing pain. 

If my present personality has created my life, how do I change it?  Do I have to look at the emotions that have become a part of my personality? And then decide if I want to bring those into the future? How do I step out of the box and into something new?

Dr. Joe states that I can change my personal reality by changing INSIDE first. By learning something new, I can make myself anew. My task becomes one of forging new connections!  And then, to remember them! By holding those connections and working with them–through repeating the learning–I rewire my brain!

NEW thoughts can lead to new choices

These new choices lead to new behaviors, which lead to new experiences, which can lead to new emotions.  Thus, I choose to evolve myself. Within that river of change are the waters of the new me. Now is the time for VISION. 

What is my message to the world?

I reflected on the recent articles I’ve been writing for Sybil magazine. As requested, there was writing from a sense of soulful authenticity. Yes, that was there. But it was consistently a downer!  With too much frequency, I drug my readers deeply into my vulnerabilities, obsessing with my “less than” themes of life.

Finally, I began to consider, what else IS possible?! 

If I allow myself to step into the river of change, I can step beyond complaining, blaming, lamenting and judging. Moving from my old self to the new self, there is a void. How do I change old habit patterns?  Dr. Joe says that to form a new personal reality calls for the biological, neurological, hormonal, genetic death of the old personality. Further, if I am in this place of the unknown, the best way to predict my future, is to create it! 

Where I place my attention, is where I place my energy.  Isn’t this a good time to decide what thoughts I want to welcome?

That visioning is my work now. From this place of ground zero, empty of former life place holders—ready to consciously evolve, I bid adieu for now and will let you know how it goes!