Art and music to ignite the Light

Art and Music to Ignite the Light

The role of uplift the artist, poet or musician is able to play in uplifting consciousness is to speak directly to our intuitive and feeling realms, beyond the busy chatter of the mind. Unite and Ignite in a journey through these portals of art and music to awaken and honor the Light within. Unify heart, mind, and Spirit of the Divine.

Directly inspired by the ability to “see” in the psychedelic sense, this is one of Mark’s finest renderings of the genetic code of all nature by direct experience.

Artwork by Mark Henson: check here

The Creative Flame is the sacred space within each being through which true inspiration is
received and expressed. It is the unique spark ignited which radiates when our own unique
divinity aligns with the magic and mystery of the Natural World.

The Temple of the Creative Flame is a temple of  the Goddess—a temple for thinkers and lovers of life, building bridges through ceremony, ritual and dialogue within safe and sacred space. All are welcome with open minds and open hearts.

Nicholas Roerich Museum, A visionary and idealist, Nicholas Roerich promoted peace and the protection of the world’s cultural heritage, the unity of religions and the notion that the creative people of the world bear the responsibility to save the world. During the nineteen-twenties, he composed a treaty for protection of the historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions in times of peace as well as war.

Lightquest , Lightquest International receives and transmits energy and information from many dimensions of Earth and beyond. These transmissions have been organized into a series of writings and light encodement accelerators to assist you in your quest for truth. Each accelerator has a specific purpose and simply viewing them has a positive effect on people and their surroundings.

Also available are a wide variety of classes, instant activations, products and services that awaken and transform. Attending these easy to access sessions will connect you with the larger global community and keep you at the forefront of what’s happening on Earth with its connection to the Galactic realms.

Music and Poetry to Stir the Soul

One of our favorite musicians of all time, we honor Fantuzzi. This modern day troubadour sparks the light and love of all the world’s peoples as he travels sharing his heart songs around the globe.


Rainbow Spirit – Universal Lover – You are my Mother you are my Father by Fantuzzi

Mother You’re Beyond The Beyond

A Calling for Love

Om Nama Shivaya

Welcome to C.N.N. the Cosmic Nirvana Network music  appreciation of the work of our many wonderful musicians! Brought to you by Jasmuheen because we love it!

Song: “Om Namah Shivaya”

Album: Divine Inspiration


Find here

 The Sound of Hoofbeats

Poetry by Jalãl ad-DinRumi, Music by Fantuzzi

Reflections on my Rumi quest and his poetry

An introduction to my love for the Dervish Dance, by Jill Dianne 

There’s a strange flurry in my head
of birds flying,
each particle circulating on its own,
Is the one I love everywhere?  

Jalãl ad-Din Rumi’s poetry transcends borders, opens minds, and bridges hearts. Widely translated, his poems are powerfully eloquent. His teachings introduce Sufism. Shahram Shiva asserts, “Rumi is able to verbalize the highly personal and often confusing world of personal growth… He does not offend anyone, and he includes everyone.”

In honor of the 13th centuryPersian poet and Mystic of the Ottoman Empire, Jalãl ad-Din Rumī, we come to know the Samā, the Sufi ritual and it’s power to connect with the Divine through centering within and holding forgiveness..

Rumi’s life gave testimony that people of all religions and backgrounds can live together in peace and harmony. The key? To find the Love within, and let it spread without.

Look at me. I am so small. I can barely be seen. How can this great Love be inside of me?
Look at your eyes. They are small. 

But they see enormous things!

The Melevi Sufi order was founded in 1273 by Rumi’s followers after his death. They established a well-known Sufi order in the Ottoman Empire. The Mevlevi Sufis, also known as the Whirling Dervishes, believe in performing their Zhikr if in the form of the Samā. It is a ritual of release into the Divine Center, connecting the heavens and the earth. To their ritual in Istanbul near the Galata Tower, they issue an invitation to people of all backgrounds:

Come, come, whoever you are,
Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire.
Come even though you have broken your vows a thousand times.
Come, and come yet again.
Our is not a caravan of despair. 

Keep on Keeping On

Fantuzzi’s video from India’s Kumbh Mela with Prem Baba, Shantanan, and 85 million friends. From his new album Ease & Grace. to buy the new album and more.
Video by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi.

In honor of musician Rainbowheart

Even when dear hearts pass, keep on keeping on.

In honor of two special people who have passed to the other side too soon, Dennis Rainbowheart, and Carolena Fleishman.

With you I found Love in my Soul: Music written and sang by Dennis Rainbowheart with back-up by Alexzandra and Jon Jon at Little Buddha Studios.

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