Hello Fellow Spiritual Warriors


During these tumultuous times it is important that we re-create ourselves and find a way to cope with the big changes we are being faced with in our lives.


Now is the time to explore new Territory!   


There are so many ways to develop yourself!  Unsure of where to turn? 

Allow us to show you the options!


We provide Roadmaps of Possibility to 


Become your most Inspired, Happy, Healthy Self!


A word from your hostess – Jill Dianne

Our Vision:  Weaving the Consciousness of the Collective Good starts with growing your SELF!  
Through this site, each one of us is given tools and services to be our most INSPIRED, HAPPY, HEALTHY SELF. 
In doing so, make our communities stronger. We deepen in our relationships with each other.
 We come to understand and honor our sacred relationship with the Earth 
and our role of stewards to all life upon it.

The Web of Light is a welcome platform to Expand your Self, to Connect with Community.

Deepen your Knowledge. Build radiant energy. Honor our planet.

and to Become an Agent of Change for the Good.

Empower a New You!

The Web of Light educates and connects those who feel the call to Evolve. 

Feel the Circle of Love and Light within and around you.

Connect in conscious community. Spread it all over the planet!

Read and Contribute to our community blog page!

The choice is ours: Heaven or Hell?

Let’s choose Heaven!

Picture this work by Leo Tanguma.  Through the murals that graced the Denver Airport walls, he showed us clearly the choice that we presently face.  Do we create a Heaven on Earth by valuing Life, cooperatively seeding and nurturing the consciousness of preservation? Or, do we head towards our own destruction by cutting off our inherent connection with one another and the one planet that we all must share.

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