Energy Intimacy and Sexuality

Energy Intimacy and Sexuality

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Spiritualize Your Sexuality
by Jewel, Certified Sky Dancing Tantra Facilitator

(Artwork from Energy Artist Julia)

My journey towards understanding Tantra has been a rocky one but wisdom has been gleaned. This blog serves as a pathway for sharing that wisdom. Wisdom has come from life experience that includes the SkyDancing Tantra Institute and conversation with Himanshu, a man from India. Because Tantra is a pathway unique in its honor of ALL layers of our energy, I seek to share a taste of that wisdom here.


When we understand that Intimacy and sexuality are, at the heart of it, about Energy, we step into a deeper resonance in which we invite the Soul. This involves embracing emotion, an essential element to our wholeness. If the mental realm becomes too busy, it can block the emotion, which connects passionate aliveness with Spirit. Then, the task may be one of “unlearning” the things that were taught that are not meant for you. Attuning to your own
Intuitive Guidance, the voice of the I Am within you, is essential. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
This is the starting place.

Tantra is a meditative yet activated, spiritual path that seeks to weave the energies of all the chakras together. This path mbraces our inherent primal self, emotions, personal power and will, Love, creative expression, vision and Divine connection as it teaches to awaken the kundalini energy and interweave all the energies to empower divine connection. 

In its roots in India, Tantra calls for understanding Shiva. Through understanding the male, you come to understand the female Shakti counterpart. The God/Goddess union, masculine and feminine, is open to be worshipped by all… is limitless. Anyone can come to him/her. To understand Shiva, then you connect with Shakti —the way that she gives herself to him —and he to her —becomes the ecstasy. Intimate with all of Life.

 Correct channeling of energy can prevent the frustration that comes from a sense of disconnection. Integration, elevation and release of sacred and primal energies, expressing fully, is the path to inner peace. Thus, Tantra is the path of the unification of opposites by integrating them into our own core energy. Release can come in many forms. It starts within the individual and does not require a partner. It is the release of creative energies. Creative expression through the Sacred Arts offer us a path of rejuvenation. Frustration comes from blocked release. The tension can become destructive. If allowed to express fully, channeled upward, then peace takes place and we can raise our energy.

Allow emptiness. Become open and deep peace comes in. Whatever is happening has natural moods. Allow them. The intimacy of your own self brings in the deep happiness. The problem is that we’re not connecting with our own inner selves. Create the bridge between Masculine/Feminine within yourself. Surrender your Ego, your insecurities, and step into the enjoyment of it. Release limiting beliefs. Don’t predefine things. Let Life Flow. Start with being open in your heart. Live the path of heart.

Compare yourself only with yourself.  Feel the flow… Trust in the Blissful surprises.

We always will set new destinations based on our expertise as we are able to understand. Our true path comes when we are connected with our surroundings and the inspiration guides us. Don’t restrict yourself to your beliefs. If you are motivated and passionate about something, congratulate yourself on the fact that you have something meaningful to do in your life.

The key is to believe in yourself —wherever you are—and use the power of the I Am with intention. What are you calling in? Connect with your heart…. send the smile from the heart…. this reflects that you’re in flow with your day. As I am able to flow with my self… I will be able to trust everyone in the world.

The cravings manifest our reality. The swing of it all, allow it of yourself. You become free. The energy becomes a playful force that you dance with. The energy becomes the relationship….and brings the delight.

As you stand in front of the mirror and find that place of deep acceptance, whatever shape or size —feeling the perfection of your own being….. wrinkles, weight, however you are —to be accepted by yourself just as you are.

You start finding your own Self… then trust that the world is coming to you automatically.

Become naked as a soul …. then you are in flow with all of them. This comes into the realm of the emotions. Allow them to flow through… feel them… deeply.

The moment we start planning it is the moment we start loosing it. The more love that you give to your service, the more Love flows to you.
Allow the flow…. the goal is one of SERVICE.
Setting up goals needs to come from security, not financial insecurities..
This peace that you create is in yourself.

HEART/BRAIN Synchronicity:
When synched into this, you become secure —you don’t have to answer… and question so many things. You don’t have to ask the questions so much because you’re in a point of security, peace with your own self. This security from your own self then connects in with others naturally. It naturally blends the masculine/feminine. The universe then synchs in around you to this vibration.

The physical pleasure aspect:
When people pursue just the physical aspect, it puts one in a state that must be satisfied again and again, and yet are unsatisfied. Focusing on the body alone does not really give you the soulful acceptance and connection that we
yearn for. Thus, there is no surrender to each other . Though there is a chemical release, there is a disconnection… and so there is the frustration. Likewise, the frustration of the money or fame realms alone can leave you only in the shallowness of one dimension. This level of release doesn’t really leave you happy until it touches the soul… the heart. Surrender can happen through creating sacred time and space to touch into the heart.

Your starting place to journey into the heart? The key is to accept yourself AS YOU ARE.
Nothing is lacking. Trust. Relax. Be ready for surprises.
Believe in yourself. A higher wisdom is manifesting.
The intimacy with your own self is the key. The intimacy of your thoughts, feelings and love leads to authentic deep connection with another.

When you reach into the true sensorial experience of self and other, the fragrance of the body, the deep eye gaze, the taste, then you’re opening to the highest level. Through this doorway, you find sexuality not as a shameful part of you. Rather, it is a powerful doorway towards expanded spirituality.

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