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Become Empowered to be your most Inspired, Happy, and Healthy Self


Feel the call to expand and evolve. Connect with community. Deepen your learning. Build radiant energy. Honor our planet. Be a change agent for good.

A word from your hostess – Jill Dianne


The Web of Light is a welcome platform for those souls who feel the call to something more—a force for expansion into higher consciousness. Your source towards interconnecting in service to the collective good.



The Web of Light interlinks people who feel the call towards

Evolutionary connection with Self, one another, and the Earth itself.

We provide a roadmap of possibilities!

Through providing resources for individual awakening and uplift, unification in building community, and desire to expand collective goodwill, we empower pathways to expansion.

Go within.  Attune to your intuition.  Feel the guidance, and follow it.  

 By interlinking classes, websites, art, music, services and products that elevate uplifted individual and collective consciousness, we seek to validate and empower the awakening goodwill taking place throughout the World.

Feel the Circle of Love and Light within and around you. Interlink it in conscious community. Spread it all over the planet!


With appreciation for the work of Leo Tanugama

What is our choice?

Through good fortune I was privileged to enjoy the artwork of Leo Tanugama on the four giant murals gracing the walls in the Denver Airport for many a year. Unfortunately, the intricate and intense murals have now been painted over. There are many perspectives on why they were there in the first place, and why they were then covered up. Here, all I will do is simply offer a perspective of their influence upon me, compelling me to take these photos.

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